10 reasons to love fall

Hey a lot of people don’t like the fall, it’s cold, raining, personally this is my favorite season, everything is so good, I’ll give you 15 reasons to love this wonderful season! 1 / the beautiful colors of autumn: see the trees are dressed in their beautiful colors red, Orange, yellow, I think it’s so pretty! 2 / the return of the good fruit and vegetables: apples, pears, pumpkins, squash, I love pick them up directly in the tree and ate them in the aftermath! 3 / roasted chestnuts I just love it, so pick them up that eat them, it’s so good! 4 / fungi that never did a good hunting mushrooms with this family? I love it and even when it rains, and it’s even better when we made a good harvest and you can eat after! 5 / the return of the series Hey Yes in the fall, many series resume! Stranger Things, Riverdale, what going on a great fall! 6 / the pumkin spice latte Starbucks… 7 / and the good hot chocolates at home! 8 / the evening pampering. It’s raining, it’s cold, it is the right time to make a good tea, curl up in a blanket and watch a series! 9 / halloween I love the atmosphere of this party and I wish that she is more celebrate in France, my dream would be to go for a big, handsome halloween in England or the US! 10. / Hello fall clothing! Big sweaters, nice jackets, cute boots, I love fall!

Then, convinced that the fall is the best season of the world?

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