5 Series to see absolutely!

Hey ♥ As you may know, the series is my whole life, I look at it morning and evening while working on my computer, at this rate, I had time to discover full but also to look at the basics. So I’m talking to you today about 5 series that I think are absolutely to be seen!! (I warn you, I’m really not good at explaining it!)

The End Of the fucking World:

Unless you live in a rabbit hole you couldn’t miss the end of the fucking World phenomenon. 8 episodes of 20 min each are enough to embark in history and attach themselves to the characters. To make short, two teenagers will meet and decide to flee to escape this Putin of world, follow then full of complications but also a lot of laughter and love, I loved this series! She is very quick to look and we really identify with the characters, to look absolutely!!

Teen Wolf:

Scott Mcfield, a teenager like another is going one night to be bitten by a werewolf, then we follow his transformation but we discover also that in the course of the episodes, there are many other supernatural creatures (sometimes even his friends). I really had a big heart for this series, we go through lots of different emotions and I really loved Stiles which I find is a really excellent actor!

Prison Break:

Who does not know Prison Break (from what I Saw, one describes the Casa De Papel a bit in the same kind, I have never watched this series, it is good?) In this series, Michael Burrow will join his brother Lincoln in prison in order to make him escape before his death, then follows all sorts of difficulties. I really loved this series, we are really caught in it, I sometimes see myself stressing to death because the suspense is total! I recommend it to 1000%!

Jane The Virgin:

Big blow of Heart for this series both to die of laughter and very moving. Jane Villanueva made a promise when she was a child, staying a virgin until the wedding, but everything tipped over when she accidentally inseminated artificially, the problem being that the father was his boss and that Jane would normally get Marry Michael! Worthy of a telenovela this story!

Umbreakable Kimmy:

The very first series I watched on Netflix and yet I never told you about it. This is the story of Kimmy Schmidt locked up for 15 years in a Bunker with her sisters, when the police finally find them, Kimmy decide to go live in NYC but they know nothing about technology or lifestyle habits, how to work or dress, This series is really to die of laughter! We see Kimmy trying to learn to live with her roommate for the least astonishing, Titus. A really perfect set for relaxing and having a good time!

Series to advise me?

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