Bye 2017, the balance sheet!

Hey ♥

with a little late but better late than never as says the saying! Today I come back to give you a little review of the year that has just elapsed, and in another article, I will talk about my goals and my desires for the New Year (in 1 article it would be far too long!)

The beautiful things of 2017:

2017 has been a wonderful year, both school and personal! Let’s go over this in more detail. In January, I published my first review article (find here, Attention archive!)!            I also had 1000 subscribers on my Instagram account!! It may not be huge but at the time I was super happy! In April, I left for the weekend in Bordeaux, I really loved this town (read or reread my article here)

my cat also had a litter of kitten, and even if given after 2 months , I always find them troop Chou!!

We also recovered a Danish by the name of Marcelo, it belonged to a client to my father sadly deceased and she confided it to us, it is huge, at the same time it is the biggest breed of dog so much you say that it’s pretty impressive to get Find it next door! Feel free to tell me if you want an article about him as it is really very funny ha!

In May, I had a little weekend with my cousins in ST Brevin The Pines, it was very cool, we laughed! In June, I spent a beautiful weekend in St Malo (the article here), a beautiful city!

In July I performed on stage 2 evenings in a row with the choir of my college, we created a musical tragedy with dance singing and theatre, it was an extraordinary experience! After that, I spent a week in Brest with my sister er my brother, on the program, shopping ballad and shopping haha!

But in July it’s also my birthday!! You have been numerous to leave me messages, I loved to read you! In October, I lost my dog, lucky, he was 14 years old, we grew up together, he was there when I was born and it was really hard to bear his death. But in October, I was also 2 week in Portugal, without a doubt the most beautiful trip of my life, the landscapes are amazing! My articles here,

here and here! [img attachment = “10357” align = “alignnone” size = “medium”/]

In December, we passed the heading of 5000 subscribers on Instagram, it’s just phew, thanks for everything!

The nice collaborations:

In 2017, I had the chance to collaborate with great brands! SashaShoes-Zaful-Rosegal-Cheer-Garnier-JustFab-SylvaineDeLaCourte-Hapiness boutique

The Blog:

At the blog level, a lot of things have changed, I have improved significantly in photography but also in writing, my articles are more worked and I take more and more fun to do that! And that’s the most important thing.


And finally, I wanted to thank you. You have to grow my little blog, you support me in everything, you leave me comments, you motivate me and without you, all this will probably not exist, I am very fortunate to have you, and even if I have the impression that you read me less here (if V OU’re still there, leave me a little comment!! ) You are more and more on Instagram and your comments are so encouraging!

Thank you for being you ♥

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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