Egg cream mask of too cool for school, an egg mask that’s good!

♥ Hey Hey yes I’m still talking about a mask but I have so it! long time I squinted on that of the mark too cool for school, only 4 euros 50 I don’t know why I expected but we are crazy, I finally bought and tested, so here we go for my review! This brand is straight from Asia, these brands explode in France at the moment, I chose the egg cream mask, which as the name suggests is to eggs but also to coconut water! I love the packaging, it looks a bit like those at Sephora but they are thicker. The texture is super weird enough slime is a great amazing, once applied on the face, it’s great spawning, there is a lot of material on the mask I feel, you really feel that it is very bold and feels it does effect! The exposure time is about 15 minutes, I personally left it longer than 20 minutes because it was too nice ahah! Must then remove it and massaging excess, a time very nice! At the level of the effects of this mask, his goal is hydration, I find that it does its job well, then, the skin is soft, smooth and hydrated, anyway it feels good to the texture of the mask that it moisturizes well! I’ll spare you my head with this mask, I think that you see all what it’s like huh! Good conclusion, I really recommend this mask, it is not very expensive and the effect of hydration is 100% full! You find just Sephora here priced at 4.50 euros. Oh and happy halloween everyone, I love this holiday but I’m currently at the Portugal I can’t so not celebrate it, I’ll post when even the nail art that I do on Instagram, find tonight on my account!

You have already tested it? Advice?

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