How to create the perfect flatlay

Hey ♥ Today an article that I have for quite some time in mind, how to create the perfect flatlay! From choosing the theme to setting up objects but also taking photos, I’m talking about everything in this article so lets go!

What is a Flatlay?

A Flatlay is simply a photo taken from top that brings together a lot of objects, different themes, you can make a Flatlay of your breakfast, of your moment cocooning in front of the TV, anyway, I will put examples everywhere In the article! How to create the perfect flatlay

1./Choose a theme for your Flatlay

Very important to create a perfect flatlay, choose a theme! For example, you do not go to take your bowl of cereal, add 3 lipsticks, a dog collar that you find pretty and your new shoes, it makes no sense! On the other hand, your cereal bowl with a computer to watch Netflix, a book, Big socks… This is perfect! Pinterest is a great source of inspiration, do not hesitate) follow my table ‘ ‘ Flatlay ‘ ‘ right here! Some ideas of themes for your flatlay:

  • Your meal/petit breakfast
  • Your beauty Routine
  • Your outfit of the day
  • Your moment cocooning
  • Working day
How to create the perfect flatlay

2./Choose your items:

Obviously, once the theme chosen, you have to choose the elements that will constitute your image, no need to own 10 000 clothes or lipstick, you have everything you need in your home! A book, a bowl, food, plants, socks, shoes, after all depends on your theme but you will inevitably find things to put in! And if you want to add a little bit of yourself, do not hesitate, people prefer, they find it more alive! How to create the perfect flatlay

3./The bottom of your flatlay:

You also have to choose a background, I like a lot use a white background like a quilt or table (usually it’s my duvet!) but you can very well choose a wooden table, a marble background ect. After you need your background to go with your objects, do not put pink fushia on a wooden table, it is not very beautiful! How to create the perfect flatlay

4./Place objects:

Personally I think this party is the hardest! You will have to place all the objects but not in any way! Don’t have a big hole on the right and be cluttered on the left (unless it’s the desired effect of course!) Try to spread them throughout the space, coherently, play with symmetry if you wish, it is you who see! How to create the perfect flatlay

5./Taking pictures:

Once everything is set, you’ll have to take the picture, you can do it with your phone or with a camera (I’ll talk to you about my hardware right after) but the important thing is to be well above to really get the impression that you have Stuck your phone to the ceiling to take the picture!  After obviously thinking about the light, I personally use lighting but try to have as much light as possible (to dimension a window for example) it will be much prettier! How to create the perfect flatlay How to create the perfect flatlay My hardware: To take my photos, I use my Pentax K 2000 as I fix it to a tripod, I mount it thoroughly to be well above. In general, I use a small remote to trigger the device by far, hyper handy when you are in the picture! For the lighting, I bought them on Amazon, it’s so good to have a nice light!!

Pentax K 2000/tripod/remote Control/Lights

How to create the perfect flatlay

6./But above all, be creative:

The most important thing is that your flatlay will be different from the others, play on the volumes, shapes the colors but make your brain work, I’m sure it has plenty of ideas! How to create the perfect flatlay And voila, I hope that this article will have been useful, do not hesitate to tell me if you like this kind of advice article because I love to write them! Wholesale ♥

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