My trip to portugal – part 1

Hey ♥ if you follow me a little on my social networks, you are not without knowing that I am currently on holiday in Portugal for 2 weeks! So I come back over here for talk you in my first 3 days there, I think just doing articles on what I did and maybe after a section Board with everything you need to know and the customs of the inhabitants… It will be easier to understand how I think. I also think do an article on Porto and one on Lisbon, I hope it’s you and you won’t overdose on Portugal ahah!

The trip:

Gone at midday Saturday, we stopped eating pizza in the restaurant on the corner then leave for 1 day of road, it was long but very cool, we saw many different landscapes, well I slept a lot in Spain at the same time it was night ahah! I do not dwell too much on the trip is very interesting, we arrived around 9: 00 a.m. Saturday at our cottage.    

Sunday 22 / 10:

We rented a small house in Marinha Grande, it is a very pretty city big enough but not too much and between Porto and Lisbon. The House is very pretty, cute, I like the Portuguese House, they look great! After making ourselves comfortable in the House, we went to eat in a restaurant not far away. I really loved the restaurant, it is actually a self service where they serve us even, (thanks Mike!) It was really delicious! Lots of choices, including local dishes which is great to experience food from there down. Then we left San Pedro de Moel direction, it’s near Marinha great, there is a large beach, and the town is very pretty! The sea was rough I really found it superb! Then we came home to rest a little and stayed the rest of the day at the cottage.        

Monday 23 / 10:

And it’s a new day coming! Nothing much exciting racing in the morning! Well I’ll spare the details, and I go right to the afternoon. We went on the side of Batalha see Cathedral of the city. [attachment = img »] [10105 « align = »alignnone »size = »full »/] on the road, we ran into the road of a castle so we at decided to stop, the view was beautiful trooop!     then direction, uh I forgot #sorrynotsorry, well what I know is that we drove then we went to walk by a small path, it was very cute, especially the sunset!      

Tuesday 24 10:

Gone in the morning direction Castelo of vacuum, to the Spanish border, it is a city full of charm, very pretty and very flowery, the castle is also superb! What is surprising is the number of small grocery stores in the city completely clueless sometimes in a small street out of sight, except for residents, it is quite difficult to find! We ate in a very nice restaurant, I got a soup but I quickly regretted seeing the dish of my mother, she also left half (that I love my MOM!) It was a dish to the cod just delicious!                       Then we went to Marvão, there is a castle just beautiful, I love the castles! I was amazed by the landscape at the top of the Castle, a 360 degree view of the Portugal and the Spain, it was just amazing! Balance sheet of those early days? I’ve never seen any as beautiful landscapes that here, frankly if you want to take full view, I recommend the Portugal at 1000%!                

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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