My Christmas gifts 2017

Hey ♥ When we just got back in a new year, besides good years!! My head is still in the spirit of Christmas, for proof, today I find you to show all the beautiful things that I received at Christmas, let it be clear, I do not obviously do this article to brag but I love to see what people have received and I Am told you might like it too, so feel free to tell me what you got! And of course I will make a review article very quickly (this week probably!) I have not yet received all my gifts, but I still give you a little glimpse!


Calzedonia High socks: I wanted them for a while so I was too happy when I saw them under the tree, they are just perfect!


Light Garland Purpose: Like, I wanted one like this for a little while, I think it gives a little something to a room, and then we say, for the photos Instagram, it’s just perfect! Frame purpose: A very nice frame to hang on the wall.. Or not! Piggy Bank Golden Pig: I find it much too cute, perfect for storing his savings! I also received a World Home gift card worth 40 euros!


Brigitte Jewelry Rush: A very nice bracelet from Brigitte Jewellery, you know this sign? They make beautiful jewellery! Choker BB: From the same brand, this pretty choker-shaped knot, small downside all the same, the knot takes a can too place, but hey, it’s a detail!


Velvety red without transfer dark Forest tint: I think those you saw them go around on Insta and on the blogs, they really did the buzz and I had to test them, imagine my joy when I saw it under the tree , the color may seem weird but I love it! A nice green.. Fir Tree!! I was also offered a lip scrub of the same brand with honey, it just smells too good! Caolion Charcoal soap: A very good surprise because it seems that coal is very very good for the skin, so I really look forward to testing it! Sephora box with cotton flower-Winter Wonderland: I completely crack for the Christmas collection from Sephora, plus it just smells too good!! Kiko Varnish: I already had the opportunity to test one that I had loved so I was more than happy to receive 2 more to add to my collection! Kiko Mascara: I also have a Kiko mascara which is awesome, here’s another to test! Kiko eyeshadow: I am totally amazed by the beauty of this blush, look at this holographic effect of madness!!

The Food:

The best party we agree?!!! Well clearly there I have chocolates for the next 3 years, I did not take everything in picture but I can tell you that I have sticks, Fererro rock, my darling, cotton candy (yes Yes), the linds, and I pass! I also had a cookbook and a kit to make sushi, I’m really too happy because I love the sushi ha!

The other things:

I also got a tripod (which I had trouble photographing as my camera was laying on it!) Much too happy! And also a new goal so much to tell you that with this, I am absolutely fulfilled!! And here for the little glimpse of my gifts, others will arrive because I have not yet seen my whole family but I think it is not bad already! An article will arrive very soon with a recap of my year 2017, another with my good resolutions, in short I have too many articles to come out with the end 2017 and there are only a few things, and I could not even offer you a holiday outfit , I’m sorry, I hope you don’t mind too much! In any case if we do not see each other by then, I wish you to have a good holiday and… Next year! #lablaguepourri! Wholesale

You got what at Christmas, tell me everything!

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