The pretty things #11

Hey ♥ yes I’m a (tiny) bit late for the edition of this month but with my vacation to the Portugal, I had too much time to write! This month, there will be fewer things because I couldn’t take everything on vacation but there are still some nice discoveries, I let you see everything!

Sylvaine Delacourte perfumes:

Brand was asked to discover their fragrances and I am sure accepted with pleasure, I got 5 samples (I lost 2 #oups) but I still had the time to test everything and they’re really great, a competition will happen mid-November on Instagram in collab oration with the brand so I advise you to come follow me on this network!

Perfume Pimkie:

During one of my shopping at Pimkie spree, I came face to face (what a coincidence!) with this perfume, it was not very expensive (less than 10 euros) and felt rather good I therefore cracked and I did well because I love it!

Pimkie makeup Kit:

And Yes at the same time I fell on this package, at the same time she is too beautiful and super tall, perfect as a make-up bag, it’s currently on sale at 3 euros 99 so go for it!

Black bird books:

I loved going back into these 2 novels, it’s the story of a girl who wakes up on the tracks Metro without remembering nothing, she later learned that she is the prey of human hunting, the book is great catchy and it to a small feature, it is told to the 2 nd person, as if someone told you your own story, it’s a little confusing a start but got it quickly!


You are not without knowing that I am currently in the Portugal and I really had a crush for this beautiful country, you can find my first article on this here country and many others are coming!

And you you have the Favorites this month?

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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