The day I started on Youtube

Hey ♥ A little special article today, a little more blah blah, to tell you something that really holds me to heart…. My YouTube Channel! Many of you tell me that you would like to see me on YouTube and after long reflection I told myself why not? It was thanks to Natacha birds who made a wonderful video to the IPhone in which she said that there was no need for materials to make quality videos, that's what convinced me!!! So thank you! My name was not difficult to choose since at the base I wanted to put lilouuuu, like my blog, but this dear YouTube does not accept that I put so much of U (why?!) so I put to the fast goes "by Lilou", do you like? I hope I'm not going to regret it, but that time will tell! I forget all the time to talk about it but it's still the most important, the content of my videos! There will be a lot of topics, fashion, beauty, talk (besides Petit spoils, my next video is about my favorite series!) In any case, I hope to live a great adventure with you, and if you want to follow me it's this way! So you're following me? Wholesale ♥

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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