The  » Pointe Du Van « 

Hi ! I  went last week to walk  with my parents on the  » pointe du van ) (In Bretagne), I took the opportunity to shoot a look that I will post very soon on the blog, but today I’m here to tell you a little of the place but especially to share the photos I’ve taken during this day.

the  » pointe du van  » is located next to the  » pointe du raz  » (you can be anything if you’re not Breton or even if you are also) simply put, this place is called-« the end of the world » because there are end of Bretagne. It’s a beautiful place, there is not a lot of wind when we went but it’s a very Dangerous ballad if there are, but it’s beautiful to see the waves crashing against the rock, even when attention, stay away too much the edge . I leave you with the pictures because I have not much to tell and hope you like them.


Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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