Waffle party, my recipes!

Hey ♥ Today's waffle party! Waffles salty and sweet waffles, a good movie and all in the family, to spend a perfect evening! Yes but uh we make them how the waffles? Bah I give you the recipe right away!

Savory Zucchini waffles: (6 waffles)

-200 g of flour

-2 teaspoons of yeast undertake

-a little salt, curry and cumin

-2 eggs

-1 yoghurt

-2 cases of olive oil

-1 half Zucchini

1 / in a bowl, mix the flour, salt, spices and yeast. 2. / then add the yogurt, egg, and oil. 3 / grate the zucchini and mix the preparation. Your waffles are ready, more a Cook!

Sweet waffles: (1 dozen waffles)

-100 g oatmeal

-1 egg

-200 g of cottage cheese

-sugar (according to your preferences)

-1 ACC of yeast

-a bit of cinnamon

1 / mix the oatmeal, pour the into a bowl and add the yeast and mix. 2 / Add the egg and cheese and mix. 3. / Finally, add the sugar and cinnamon, mix one last time and that is, your dough is ready! And so now you know everything, send me photos of your waffle party, I want to see it! Kiss

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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